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Discussion in 'Elddis' started by BMStewart2004, Nov 3, 2014.

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    Sep 4, 2014
    Putney, London
    Hi Folks
    We hired a MH this summer and followed the TDF in Northern France and to my surprise and delight Ms 5* Hotel loved it!
    The rotten weather for the first week did help us realise that the dinette design of the Chausson Flash 28 was a bit limiting for comfort in poor weather and as we will be in Scotland much of the time we'd like to have the benefit of a Fixed Bed design with bench seating at the front..
    We made a list of "suitable" MH and visited the NEC show the other week which was a great help in narrowing our choice.

    Current choices
    Autotrail Tracker FB or RB
    Swift Bolero 682/722
    Bailey Autograph 730
    Elddis Encore 255

    What I'd appreciate is some feedback on real life experiences of the Autograph 730 or Bailey motorhomes in general and the plus points of the various manufacturers, chassis and heating systems of the above manufacturers

    Thanks and regards

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