Elddis Encore 255 winterised

Discussion in 'Elddis' started by WESTY66, Sep 25, 2018.

  1. WESTY66

    WESTY66 Funster

    Jun 17, 2017
    Can’t see an option on the control panel and can’t find nothing on it in the bumf I got with the motorhome.
  2. Richard and Ann

    Richard and Ann Funster

    Jan 19, 2014
    That's the same as ours, been under it today to check the spare tyre. The tank heater is connected with white and blue single 1.5mil cables that go into that sticky black loom tape stuff, then disappear behind the spare wheel. Higher up on the tank is two small black wires on a pcb type plug & socket, they are for the tank full indicator LED.

    I'll trace the heater wires inside when I get time.
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  3. Chrisy

    Chrisy Funster

    Jul 10, 2014
    Bit late but just noticed your post. Lot of mis-information about the Elddis Encore system. Read below what Elddis says it might surprise you.

    Further to your telephone call of recent date regarding your Elddis Encore Motorhome.

    Please find attached the information requested for the tank heaters in your motorhome.

    We can confirm the winter pack option consists of the following items:-
    · Tank wrap
    · Automatic de-frost element
    · Lower winter cover
    · Upper winter cover
    · Suitable harness to operate

    The automatic de-frost element is placed in the water tank and is designed that when the temperature gets below 5° it automatically operates and will heat the water to stop it from freezing.

    **** (model dependant)

    We would like to advise the tank wrap is a foil wrap which is around the fresh water tank to add further protection against frost. The suitable harness is the electrical side of the component which connects the product to the vehicle. The automatic defrost element is located within the fresh water tank, the system is fully automatic and will only operate when water is in the tank. As stated in your owners manual, we would never advise customers to leave water within the tanks when not using the vehicle for long periods of time and always request the system is fully drained down. There is a switch located inside the vehicle which regrettably is not labelled, as it does not require to be switched on or off, with the tank heaters being automatic.

    The heaters are connected directly to the leisure battery and the heater will automatically operate when the vehicle is in use and the temperature of the water drops below 5°.

    We hope this helps and we would like to assure you of our best intentions at all times.

    Kind Regards

    Nicola Bell

    Elddis Customer Care

    Do not leave water in tank as heaters will come on and drain battery below 5 degrees.
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  4. Lenny HB

    Lenny HB Funster

    Oct 18, 2007
    On the coast in West Sussex
    Obviously haven't got a clue about their own products.

    Still trying to think of a suitable answer, apart from "unbelievable".:D2
  5. Paul an Jane MK

    Paul an Jane MK Funster Life Member

    Apr 20, 2016
    Milton Keynes
    Me thinks Nicola Bell has not bothered to properly read what she has written.

    A switch that can be turned on or off without making any difference. Bizarre.

    Every switch in our Encore 255 turns something on or off so must have stopped fitting them on the latest model.

    Scary the level of knowledge, a bit like the dimming lights in lounge and bedroom with no mention in the manual. Cool feature but only found by luck

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