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Discussion in 'Self-Build Motorhomes' started by Stan80, Jun 7, 2012.

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    Well this forum section seems quiet so i thought i will entertain it. Bought a ford transit swb mini bus last year. The guy who had it before me used it as a festival van. Its a 1996 2.5td manual. Basically i stripped it out and put a quick interior in it to see if i got the camping/traveling bug to which i have.
    So after numerous false starts this year due to cash flow issues i have decided to put a new set up inside.
    A list of things i have planned. This doesn't mean all this will be done. Things may change as work comes first unfortunately.
    Having restored old cars i suddenly had the urge to be a free spirit and travel so i thought i need a campervan and the luxurys i want are.
    Underfloor heating
    Rock and Roll bed
    Wall mounted tv 21inch.
    Night rider LED light on side door step
    Swivel seats
    Waxolyn sealed underside of body.
    Spare wheel to the interior (hidden)
    Wall insulation
    Try to make it dog proof!
    A few pictures to get you a ideal of the wheels.
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    Kent, garden of England
    need to ask JJ for some ideas

    I think the man to ask is JJ.. he has a self build .. he will tell you what is good and bad.. not saying that the rest of us will agree.. but it is great you are having a go.

    Keep at it.

    Lets see some more photos as you go on....

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    Only one of those on the list I can definitely answer.

    1) You will only get the passenger seat to swivel, so don't go buying two seat swivels. The reason being the handbrake is too high, and prevents the drivers seat turning. The handbrake can be lowered, but it's quite a bit of work. Even the Transit forum could not help me on that one.

    Underfloor heating might be tricky. I think you'd have to create a false floor, and duct warm air through that. As yours is not a high top, that is going to restrict your headroom even more.

    Rock-n-roll beds come up often on ebay.

    Do a search for the self-build motorhomers forum

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