EBL-263-5 Mains Connection (1 Viewer)

Oct 21, 2021
Funster No
Ducato Adria
Hi All,

I would like to connect my camper up to mains electricity to keep the batteries topped up and a dehumidifier running whilst the camper is stored and not in use.

My camper runs an EBL-263-5 and I've checked the manual but I am not totally convinced I understand what I am reading. It appears to suggest that it will charge up to 14.4v and hold it there for a while, then trickle charge at 13.8v. This would suggest that it is safe to leave the camper continuously connected up to mains?

I do have a solar panel connected up via a Kemo M174 solar charger but it doesn't really provide much in these winter months.

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