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Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by brion, Nov 15, 2011.

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    Nov 7, 2011
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    can anyone tell me of any wild camping spots on the east coast of scotland doing 3 weeks there next year in motorhome, near the sea if pos so i can do some fishing,thanks all , info will be a big help as i,ve never been up there before,:Doh:
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    Kircouldy sea front great view of the water there is a HGV area at the far end also up on the clife front at dundee there is pub with parking at the rear park close to the clife wall as access to a fish monger at the rear wonder full view and good bear :thumb:
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    Jul 11, 2008
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    Hi Brion

    East coast is a big area but if your talking Fife then we where there in October. Once over the FRB turn right and follow the tourist route it will take you through loads of wee towns and villages with places to stop. We have stayed in the carpark on the front at Anstruther staye don night no problem right next to the harbour and beach. Great fish and chips also.

    If you go about 10miles up the coast you will come to Crail well drive right through the high street will be signs for camp site and golf course about half a mile out of village you will see an old runway on your right. Just after this turn right sign posted for go karts and country park drive right to the end loads of space and amazing view across the sea there is a small building on right as you get to the end of road it has a small car park with a bit more shelter or you can drive past it and park on edge of golf course. We parked up here at 4 pm and didnt see anyone else till 10 am when dog walker past us.

    If you drive a bit further into St Andrews and head for the Aquarium with old course on left (golf) turn left and keep the old course on your left and there is loads of spaces along here
    well hidden from main road and golf course we spent the night here in the past with no problems.
    Hope this helps
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    Hi Brion,
    Good planning but the east coast of Scotland goes from Berwick on Tweed to Wick, which part dod you have in mind, we live on the east coast 50 miles north of Aberdeen - might be able to offer help if you are this far north.


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