Early 2006 Fiat Ducato van 1st & 2nd gear shift problem . (1 Viewer)

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Mar 5, 2023
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06 adria twin
I’m new to this so bear with …..
I’ve had an ongoing issue selecting 1st & 2nd gear on and off for a few years!! Looked at countless forum and cleaned & greased the ball joints in the gear box selector which eased the problem for while But having got back from a trip to Orkney it’s been getting worse! Just felt like the gear leaver was being blocked from traveling far enough to the left making 1st&2nd worryingly difficult to select!! I’ve looked and read all over to see if there is an adjustment I can make to allow full travel to the left and have found nothing🤔
Today to satisfy my self I removed the cover around the gear stick which involved removing 3 covers to get to all the screws I needed to and yes there under the dash board IS an adjuster!! Not a nut & bolt that I was looking for but a “clever” plastic slide with a safety lock on it!! It took nearly 30seconds to adjust it to allow extra movement to the left and hey presto I can now select with ease all the gears!! What a relief👍 and how frustrating to have had to put up with this issue!!
Sorry it’s a little long winded but I hope this can help someone with this issue and maybe relive the stress I’ve had worrying about a possible major gearbox repair !!

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Feb 18, 2010
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probably gearbox synchromesh,I hade mine replaced on my 2008 fiat Ducato around £1000 but never had any more issues N

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