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Sep 6, 2014
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In the hope of being able to access the hidden Mercedes and smart workshop manuals, I paid out for and got an e-manual for each. BUT they are not accessable except through a diabolical program called Virtual box, this it seems is another operating system that is supposed to open within Windows and allow access to these manuals which must be written in another system to keep them confidential from the public. As I really need the Smart one to access a wiring diagram I am a trifle miffed to not be able to even download the virtual box which is 64 bit and will not load on my older 32 bit computor. AND if I could load it I am not even having the foggiest idea of what to do with it. They make terms like 'aim it ' at the program you want to open but that means nothing to me.. Anyone out there have any idea what I am supposed to do to get access to these manuals. They seem quite popular but It means learning all manner of things about how to operate the opening system. My life doews not seem long enough to start learning things like that without somebody to point out how to even start.

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