Dutch Police WARNING: danger robberies on motorway aires !!!

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    Dutch police warning to camper van sleepers

    Police have issued a warning to Dutch holidaymakers not to spend the night at the side of the motorway.

    Since April they have received more than 40 reports of robberies from people who slept in their camper vans near a motorway. The number of incidents per week has been rising since last month.

    So far there have only been material losses and no one has been hurt. Police have not made any arrests and are not sure whether the thefts are the work of individual robbers or an organised gang.

    They are advising people to park their vans in a well-lit area of a campsite, if possible, and otherwise to remain alert. Camper van users are also advised to keep valuables like laptops, navigation systems, bags and jewellery out of sight.

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