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    May 31, 2009
    when I leave my mountain lair in the south of france to go away for the winter I switch off the electricity and drain the entire water system
    just back home ..... 2 cracked toilet bowls !!!! I didn't empty them !and in one the float jammed open as well ,when I turned turned on the water it overflowed into the bowl , floods !:Doh:

    now this has never happened before in more than 20 years when there have been much colder temperatures , but not for such a long time ...talked to my neighbour who owns a civil engineering business ...he said work virtually stopped mid december and didn't begin again until the end of february ....he could break things but he couldn't construct anything

    dumb bunny ? why didn't I chuck a big handful of salt in the toilet bowls !
    strange thing is it didn't happen to the 2 WC's in my summer shower room in the barn

    any way , worth considering if you are away for the winter

    guess who is still living in the motorhome in the courtyard

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