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    Found elswhere::bigsmile:

    I've posted this in the hope that it will help others with a similar issue save time and lots of money trying to solve it. Searching round the web for a solution I found plenty of people who'd had this problem, but nobody - except one - appeared to have the answer.
    Right - the problem.
    Fiat Ducato 2.8 JTD, 2004, Hobby 600. Driving home from our first trip away in the van at New Year, the injector warning light came on. I pulled over, looked up what the warning light meant in the handbook. No misfires, no difference in engine, so as I was 15 miles from home, and it was dark, I set off and got home without issue. As I pulled away, I noticed that the speedometer had failed and that the glowplug light flashed on and off for around 20 seconds after starting.
    So, given that several issues arose at once, I suspected electronics. BUT how to track it down. As mentioned above, I found several posts where people had had all or some of the same failures, with a variety of different - and sometimes very expensive - solutions. Answers ranged from short injector leads causing a short to failed fuel pumps.
    Some suggested pulling fuse 17 in the engine compartment - but this was OK in my case.
    So, eventually I popped it up to my local garage for a diagnostic check. This found the speedo error, a problem with piston three in the fuel pump, an issue with the glowplugs and a plate heater failure (incidentally, I bought a cheap diagnostic detector on eBay which said everything was OK).
    The local garage rang a diesel specialist, who thought there might be a major electrical issue. I booked in there two days later.
    They called me after a couple of hours, having tracked down the problem - partly. Whatever they did, Fuse 15 kept blowing, but they couldn't find out why. They'd all but given up, pointing me to an expert auto electrician. I searched for Fuse 15 problems with Ducatos and eventually found one post, probably from a mechanic, who said the issue was a fuse/relay in a breather pipe - it's not needed, but when it fails, it knocks out Fuse 15 and around half a dozen unrelated electronics. I rang the garage, back, they tried it, and it worked.
    The connector is on the centre right of the engine, about halfway down, on a black pipe about an inch in diameter. It didn't show on the wiring diagram, but I think it's for a cold weather version of the vehicle, where it will power a heater for the air entering the engine (the plate heater, possibly)?
    Anyway, problem solved - hopefully this will help solve yours too. I don't think it's that uncommon, but solutions seem to be. The solution could be as cheap as a replacement fuse, but I've seen reports of people spending hundreds with Fiat dealers to get it fixed. Perhaps they really know what it is, but like to keep it quiet...
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