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Ducato sliding door issues (1 Viewer)

Jan 31, 2021
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Hi everyone. Have an intermittent problem with my lwb 07 Ducato. Occasionally I can’t unlock the side door with the remote. Always know it’s gonna be a problem because the unlock sound is much quieter than the healthy clunk when everything is ok. On a couple of occasions I have also been unable to open it using the internal handle (reaching through from front). I can try 3 hours later & it behaves impeccably…….& sometimes it’s when I try it a few days later ☹️

This is causing problems as:
1. The rear door key unlock has been disabled by the builder who originally owned it (rods removed???) & that rear door is also hit & miss whether it locks or unlocks 🙄
2. 3 seats in cab means it’s almost impossible to access from the front.
3. It won’t always unlock using the key in the driver’s door method
4. We are going away Wednesday for partner‘s 60th, to a festival, & need access, obviously, but would like to be certain we can lock/unlock reliably for the period we are away.

I cannot book it in anywhere at this short notice & am not sure if it can be diagnosed when everything is working ok to randomly book it in for a checkup……..help!

I‘d be grateful for any suggestions……..well, depends what they are I guess 🤪, & can anyone one explain, in numpty terms, exactly how the locking mechanism works! TIA

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