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Discussion in 'Fiat' started by Coldwasp, Jul 29, 2016.

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    Hi all. New to forums and not particularly mechanically orientated. But could do with some help.
    The gearbox on my 2002 Hymer Camp Swing with 2.8jtd Ducato failed on motorway. Got towed home and got to reliable local garage. There are no serial numbers on the gearbox and apparently several different ones are used on this vehicle but also now apparently obsolete and Fiat has none.
    The problem with the box was the 5th gear housing had corroded through (peppered with small holes low down) and oil had leaked out; hence 5th gear 'dried out'.
    Garage sent box away for recon and they brazed the housing in an effort to repair this. Box returned to my garage who refitted it but it has a leak from the housing so the vehicle is still not usable over any period of time.
    I need a new 5th gear housing but the garage has not been able to locate one and I have not thus far either. Even though the box is obsolete there must be a housing somewhere. Does anyone have any ideas? A new one would be preferable bearing in mind the problem with the original.
    Has anyone else experienced or heard of this problem or am I unique. I did see on a forum where someone thought their housing was perforated but it does not appear as a general problem.
    Thanks in anticipation,
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    Not new but have you tried a breakers yard ?

    Edit : Wow, your second post in 7 years, welcome back(y)
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    as far as i recall,there are a few options with the gearbox. all using the same casing and just one add on 5th gear housing. perforating seems to happen where water drains onto the box

    I would just buy an exchange reconditioned gearbox if the 5th gear add on casing cant be found
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