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Jul 28, 2007
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Reading this month's copy of Mobilise, I came across this article which may be of use to some people thinking of crossing the Channel for the first time.....

Brits Are More Accident Prone Abroad

With increasingly easy access to Europe, and motoring tours of neighbouring countries becoming the norm rather than an unusual choice for the few, road safety expert GEM Motoring Assist (GEM) is becoming increasingly concerned by the rate of accidents caused by cross-border driving.
"What used to be purely a summer holiday-time pursuit is now a year-round activity for many," said GEM Chief Executive David WiIliams. "We think nothing of crossing the channel on a shopping or site-seeing trip at any time of the year, and with so many Brits now living abroad we regularly make the journey to visit friends or relatives; but are we ready to cope with the different driving conditions abroad, and are we aware of the differing regulations that apply in almost every country around Europe?"
GEM is urging people to apply for a free copy of its booklet A Guide to Driving in Europe and to read it carefully, keeping it in the glove box as a reference document when travelling abroad.
"There are 45 major differences in the road laws between member states in the EU, and people are just not aware of them," said David. "It is not just a matter of 'driving on the wrong side of the road' that many seem to believe."
Research shows that Britons driving in continental Europe caused more than 5,000 accidents last year. In Switzerland cross-border drivers commit half of all traffic offences, and in France foreign drivers cause a quarter of all traffic offences in border areas.
To obtain a free copy of GEM's driving in Europe booklet call 01342 825676 or visit <here> for more details (click on the road safety tab then click on leaflets & DVD).
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