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Jan 31, 2022
Nottingham, UK
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Chausson 788
since September 2019
I took delivery of our Chausson 788 and tried yesterday to fit the Patriot disc lock to the drivers seat but couldn’t seem to find a way to do it. Unlike Fiat DUCATO Captain seats , those on the Ford do not seem to expose sufficient space when you rotate the seat and slide it’s far away from the stearing wheel as possible. I had wat he’d a You Tube video of a chap fitting one of these disc locks to his Fiat Ducatp. It looked very straight forward. I had not appreciated that the Ford company had put the vehicle battery under the drivers seat so there is a lot less space to work. I could not see how I would get the drill into place so , has anyone tried fitting one of these beefy disc locks to the drivers seat of a Ford Zbased Motorhome. As I say this is on a delightly 2023 Chausson 788 but I gues it would apply to all Ford based Motorhomes thanks.

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