Dover - France Ferry bookings, our cheapest option so far.

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    I decided to be organised and book the ferries for our two big Europe trips later in the year (April & Sept). I've done it differently this year and was pleasantly surprised by the prices, so I thought I'd share the details. I realise of course that some get frequent traveller and Tesco offers and the like but I'm talking about just booking from scratch.

    Basically, whilst we're still happy to do Dover to Calais outbound, we've decided to avoid Calais altogether on the way back and return via Dunkirk. Can't be arsed wondering if there'll be any more bother.

    Previously we've booked Dover/Calais P&O weekday returns with early departures through CCC's Carefree Travel Service as that's always been the best price for us, at a bit over £100 per booking.

    This time, booking Dover to Calais single was cheaper by going direct through P&O, £54 as opposed to the CCC's £62 for a 07:35 weekday departure.

    Returning from Dunkirk to Dover at 08:00 on a weekday with DFDS was even cheaper at £42.

    Total cost £96 per return trip, cheaper than booking a return journey with P&O through CCC - quite a surprise really.

    However I noticed the DFDS weekday slots for Dunkirk to Dover later in the day were already filling up for April, so if you're going for it, move quickly. Also the prices go up the longer you leave it. Bon voyage mes amis.
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