Double edged 4mm to 6mm awning piping

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    On Sunday we purchased a 'new' drive away awning - an Outdoor Revolution Movelite (called the square?), it's 2.4m wide x 2.4m deep, can't remember the height, but big enough to attach to the side of the 'van ... just! We got it of a chap locally who'd bought it last year to use with his car as a tent - he'd also got the inner tent with it - but had never used it, so it is literally new, cost him £175, cost us £50 ... bargain (although hubby had to miss some of the abysmal England football trashing in order to go and get it ... such a crying shame ... NOT!).

    Anyway, back to the plot ... we've managed to obtain the figure of 8 plastic tubing stuff to be able to fasten it to the van but can't for the life of us get hold of the 4mm to 6mm Fiamma awning piping tape stuff anywhere locally. We can get the full kits (for a heck of a price), but not just the tape. Annoying thing is that one of the local firms had it 2 weeks ago but hubby didn't get round to going! Now they don't think they'll be stocking it again ..... Grrrrrr >:-( :cry:

    I've managed to find it 'on line' but it's at least £4.99 for 1 metre plus £4.99 postage - I need about 2.3m - so that means 3 metres and it's gonna cost £20 - rediculous.:Angry:

    Does anyone know where I can get just the double edged 4mm to 6mm awning piping without having to pay a silly price, or stump up for the whole kit when I don't need it?

    And before anyone says I've saved a load of dosh on the awning, yes I know, I could just pay up and buy the kit but it seems stupid not to be able to get hold of the piping as easily as you can buy the figure of 8 stuff ...
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