Sitter Available Dorchester Area 16-28 August

Discussion in 'Motorhome House-Sitting' started by Wombles, Aug 11, 2015.

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    Our son has work experience in Dorchester for the next couple of weeks & rather than have a huge amount of driving each day from Somerset we wondered if anyone in that area might want a house/driveway sitter then? We would need space for our car (not towed) & 6m motorhome & the usual services plus access to a toilet & shower as with 3 of us & having to get ready each day with timescales for his work this would be sensible. In return we would be happy to undertake some house, gardening or animal care tasks - please PM to discuss what would suit you. We are a non-smoking couple with no pets just one well behaved 16 year old son! We have both retired early from BT & have been motorhomers for nearly 2 years now after having owned caravans for many years before.

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