Don't Pay Bt Sport Full Price

Discussion in 'Motorcycles and Motorhomes' started by FJmike, Jun 26, 2015.

  1. FJmike

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    Jul 17, 2014
    Just bagged a discount from BT after a longish phone call (0800 345 7310 ). Was intitially put through to a guy who did not want to play ball so I asked if I could be put through to Customer Retention Dept. After explaining that we only had BT phone and BB so that we could watch moto gp and had no interest in any other sport, explained that it was possibly cheaper to watch moto gp in the pub or change provider and have Dorna's package. Eventually had the price reduced and a reduction in the price of my broadband, which works out a price increase of about £2.00. Result

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