Dometic Tall FF Tek Tower Type, Hints & Tips on Usage Please.

Oct 29, 2016
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The story: We were away in the van over Xmas & NY about 10 days in all. in coldish winter conditions 8 degrees daytime, much less at night
Before leaving home I turned on FF on home mains hook up, placed 2 bottles of frozen milk one in freezer, one on Fridge door, got the FF down to 4 degrees no problem.
I then as we were going away for Xmass filled up the Fridge with COLD food items that had been brought down to low temp and transferred from home FF, yes more stuff than normal, but it was Xmas afterall.
The Fridge was pretty well stacked, but I did try and leave gaps between items on shelves to let the air circulate, as best I could.
The FF worked well for the first few days, but as we replenished it with new shop bought items, or some new beers or wine, the Fridge struggled to get down below 10 degrees even though it was set to coldest temp, and we were permanently on mains hook up set to run a 2KW.

I tried running the FF on Gas overnight, thinking this may well be better than using the electric elements, but no difference still 10 degrees.

I was by then wary about eating some of the contents in the fridge, especially meats, pate's etc, so had to chuck them and replace as required.

My Question is...Am I expecting too much from the Dometic FF in terms of performance?

No I haven't fitted the internal temp controlled internal fan as yet, as I am not in southern France or Spain, just good old Blighty and its freezin out at night.

Hindsight/confession/Realisation or just plain DOH!
I did not remove the external winter covers on the FF vents, as it was so cold, maybe that's the first thing I should have done, maybe thats the reason the FF could not get to down to 4 degrees, even after a long period of not opening doors.
I had to put them on whilst on a Rally in Wales,(no mains hook up) the winds were so strong, the gas kept blowing out overnight, so grabbed them out the garage and put them on,the fridge worked as usual kept stuff cold so I have left them on ever since.

Should I take them off every time the van is used, regardless of winter temps?
Bet the answer is yes, but I have been told you can use the FF with them on, even on Gas, which I remember came as a surprise at the time.

Thanks for any views you may have on this.
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Aug 4, 2011
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Is FF an expletive?

I think only the bottom (Winter) vent should be used when on gas.
Can you see if the back is iced up at all?
Do you have a 'frame heater'? The user manual may help!

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Jan 9, 2013
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If you are back home try running the fridge empty and see what the temperature gets down to. We always use the vent covers in cold weather and have never had a problem but others don't use them. Try with them on and off and see if there is any difference. Also try a different thermostat setting.
If the fridge cools down empty then you probably just had it too full and the air couldn't circulate. :)
Sep 23, 2014
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Hi Les, the last tall Dometic FF we had (caravan) didn't like the vent covers being on either.
We always had them with us in case it got windy & we were away winter or summer but, we quickly learned to remove them to help FF performance, especially if the FF was full.
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