Dometic RM series stopped

Oct 9, 2021
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Hi All bit of advice please currently we have a lunar lexon 2007 and vivaro sat in drive im currently transforming our caravan fridge has decided to stop when i put it on gas i see the light flashing on front of fridge but no clicking sound if i put to mains or 12v i get a green light and nothing gets cold ive checked all fuses and all good pulled the fridge out and checked connections etc and all good this seems to have happened after the site had a power surge and tripped everything in a storm my feelings are its the dreaded heatec ignighter as i have power going to it but nothing happens what are people thoughts please also if it is this part my number on the part is dometic 241 2789-10 and the only replacements i can find for it is dometic 241 2789-30 would that still work ok looks the same. this has really stumped me on why all of it isnt working even though i have light on the front panel any help would be great thankyou