Dometic RM 7501 on gas

Oct 4, 2017
Leamington Spa
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Hi - had our motorhome ( 2004 Rapido) for just under a year now. Have never used the fridge on gas yet as we have always been on EHU. Fridge seems to work perfectly on EHU and is remarkably cold. However, going somewhere shortly with no EHU so will need to use gas for fridge. So I got instructions out ( van came with full set of instructions) and thought I'd better check it before we set off. So, turn dial to gas, little lights flashes orange, press in igniter switch and after a couple of seconds light goes out and clicking stops. Instructions say this means that fridge is now working on gas. However, I would have thought that the little light would have stayed on ( maybe changed to green or similar) to show the gas is actually working. Instruction booklet says nothing about that light staying on, just that it goes out when igniter has worked. I appreciate that I could just leave it for a day whilst supposedly on gas and just see if it goes/stays cold ( van is on my drive at home at moment), but wondered if anyone on forum could tell me if that light is supposed to stay on when running on gas. Thanks. Richard
Jan 24, 2012
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No idea about lamps, but if you listen at lower external fridge vvent you will hear the gas burner roaring quietly when lit and cooling. Top vent should feel heat when gas burner cooling.
Some fridges gas burner is always lit but flame gets bigger when cooling. Newer fridges only turn gas flame on when necessary. Susoect you have former where flame stays lit and gets larger when fridge needs cooling.


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Jun 11, 2018
Hello there. I have a similar problem with my Dometic RM 7360L fitted in a 2008 Ace Siena.
My manual says there is a sight glass lower left inside fridge - but there isn't! I can't find any means to indicate whether or not the fridge is working.
Just put it on for the night with water filled ice tray in freezer compartment to see what what happens. Surely there should be some kind of indication without having to find out if our food goes bad!
Can anyone shed some light please?


Jul 19, 2007
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Yes we’ve had a couple of fridges over the years with no indication when they are on gas. Our last Hymer was supposed to have a sight glass but didn’t.


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Jul 25, 2007
wondered if anyone on forum could tell me if that light is supposed to stay on when running on gas. Thanks. Richard
same as my fridge.. once lit, the light goes off.. there is no other indication it's working , be it on gas, 240v or 12v

as mentioned, you can check it's lit by by putting your hand over the flue gas vent on the fridge vent outside.. you will feel the heat after a few minutes.
May 27, 2015
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No light or sight glass for our fridge, once lit the flashing light on the 'clicker' should go out & it should stop clicking-ignition.
Our ignition switch has gone loopy & continues even after fridge is lit so I listen at the vent & can hear the flame. Usually I can hear it fire up from inside the van.
If your ice cube tray doesn’t freeze but all is well with your fridge dampen bottom of ice cube tray & put it straight onto solid shelf in freezer. It’s usually because the connection between tray & shelf isn’t great, that’s what I was told!
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