Dometic oven problem.

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    Sep 24, 2013
    We have a new Burster fitted with a Dometic CMBO oven. It has a faulty grill in that after 10 minutes or so it turns itself off. I have had it looked at by a Dometic engineer who tells me this is a fault known to Dometic and is caused by the top of the over distorting in the heat and moving the thermocouple out of the flame. It seems the thermocouple is attached to the roof of the oven which bows in the heat. Dometics solution is to position a spacer between the burner and the roof to reduce any movement. They suggest a jubilee clip. We used a short length of split copper pipe. It seemed to work under test. Needless to say we are now out in the MH this weekend and it has failed. It will stay on long enoughto do toast but not long enough to do sausages. It seems a bit of a bodge if you ask me and I will get back to the engineer to suggest that Dometic come up with something more professional. Like a better designed oven! Anyone else experience this?
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    Not much help there then

    9. OPERATION OF GRILL (for appliances with the grill function only) a) Light the grill burner with the door fully open. b) When grilling, the door of the oven must be open. ATTENTION: When being used, the oven attains high temperatures. Avoid presence of children in its vicinity.

    10. FAULTS OF THE FACILITY Upon faults of the facility, contact a specialised expert

    Can you see the thermal couple has moved from the flame, although having the grill on should be enough for it. Is the flame big enough - jet need cleaning?
    Could be a faulty thermal couple -- OR can you see if the door switch is OK

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