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Sep 27, 2017
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Adria coral 660SL
2 weeks
Noticed our fridge was not working on gas, fine on 12v and mains but occasionally we dont have mains and I dont like to use the generater for such a minimal use.

Anyway I set out the other day to have a look at it and see if I could find the cause.

Read up on the forums and first stop was to check the flue, all good there.

noticed that there was no smell of gas even during the 20 seconds of the ignitor working, during checking this I found my auto shutoff valve worked as it should during a sudden leak of gas..

Wires to the solenoid valve were quite loose (1 more than the others) tried gently squeezing it with a some small pliers and click it broke the brass terminal (fitted a new one).

removed the valve and checked the resistance across both coils and they were the same (about 48 ohms).. and here is when and where i found the problem, i removed the short 90 degree bent pipe to enable the gas valve to be refitted easier.. one end was blocked?? see pictures.

removed the white stuff could have been the remains of a filter?? and it all works fine..

Have since been advised by a very experienced Motor homer that it is good advice to have fitted a good filter between the auto cut off valve and the rest of the system, opinions on this welcome


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