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    Jan 11, 2010
    Last year we had to have a new door frame fitted into our 2013 Autotrail Apache as the original one collapsed at the bottom, really concerned that they just fitted exactly the same which has no support under it.
    Looking at it you can`t get at the underneath to add any extra support which is rather frustrating as I`m thinking the frame will just fail in the same place again.

    When we picked the motorhome up we noticed that the door didn`t fit in the new frame correctly and that you could see daylight through a gap at the top.
    The dealer did try to adjust the door but they couldn`t get the necessary amount of moment to close the gap, so after contacting dometic they have ordered a new door locking mechanism.
    I can`t believe it is going to take 8 to 10 weeks for delivery, it only took 4 days to build the motorhome.
    Where on earth does any company get a time scale of that magnitude, surely such an item is lying on a shelf in their parts department.

    Modern technology and computer controlled machines must`t be what I remember, that or the postal service is random to say the least. (n)

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