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Jul 6, 2017
Salford Priors
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Autotrail Delaware
My fridge is useless on electric. absolutely fine on gas. is there a way of checking the electric element. also how easy is it to change the element should i need to

Thanks in advance
Apr 27, 2016
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You will need access to the back of the fridge, the lower part. Usually the lower external vent can be removed, and gives sufficient access. On one side there is a vertical 'can' filled with rockwool. At the bottom of the can is the gas burner that provides heat to that lower corner of the refrigeration circuit.

Somewhere inside the can, near the bottom are the 240V and 12V heater elements. you can probably see two pairs of wires disappearing into it. Follow those wires back to where they are connected, probably some terminal blocks.

Note, if you are doing any testing, make sure you completely disconnect the mains electrical supply from the motorhome.

If you disconnect one of the mains element wires, you can measure the resistance between the two element wires with a multimeter. I'd expect a resistance of about 100 or 200 ohms. If the resistance is very high or very low, then the element has failed.

The element is a sliding fit into a tube that is next to the coolant pipes. You may have to remove the 'can' to get access to it.
Feb 2, 2015
Shropshire, UK
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Hi there. we have the same motorhome only ours being november 2015 . It too had a failure on the 240v Element . The complete unit has to be pulled forward inside the kitchen area to get full access to the rear to change the failed element.
Open the door and you will see screws that hold it in situ inside its carcass. I think there are 4 in the fridge area and 2 in the freezer compartment.
Pull the fridge forward into the kitchen area to get a better access from inside the lower and upper vented area outside. It's the only way without a full removal. From outside the rear of the fridge is easier to work with. As above has mentioned...the can has to be removed and access to the elements becomes easier.
The RMD8555 element has been stopped and discontinued however..the replacement is better and an improved quality. Its tight and awkward to remove but it can be done and with some patients ...quite easily . The exhaust or flue shroud needs to have all its screws put back . Dont be tempted to leave the one awkward bugger out at the back! It will rattle and 'p' you off when travelling! I know .....Got the T shirt and the hat! Thought I knew better? Fool was I !
Leisure Outlet have the elements and a number of other online sites do too.
I replaced mine with the updated one that is readily available now.
It took about an hour and half to sort it and refit the refrigerator afterwards. (y);)

Regards Kev
Mar 14, 2020
Isle of Man
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I had exactly the same thoughts about my electric on an old 2003 fridge during the summer . Gas got it really low really quickly, but when switched on to ehu it started to rise in temperature slightly. Turned out I hadnā€™t turned it on at the switch in the cupboard šŸ™„šŸ˜…

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