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Discussion in 'Fiat' started by SandJ, Nov 29, 2009.

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    Apologies if this has been answered before, I have been unable to find it.
    Could I please ask that we keep the thread on topic of DOCUMENTATION for judder not for other points. This information may be helpful for proof the work has been done when re-selling. The buyer would not need to contact dealer.

    I have just had the reverse judder work completed it had stage 1 and 2 work done, when I picked the van up I asked for some documentation to clarify the work carried out. We do not give any said the assistant. "Could you please provide something?" I asked as this will prove the work has been completed.

    I asked again and received a print out in the end, this consists of:

    Check for reverse judder parts in stock
    Case no **********
    Confirmed judder in reverse - remove gearbox, strip and fit modified shaft and gears - replace clutch and pipe, fit new mountings - ref customer services mod "B"

    Parts and materials
    • Sealer £9.52
    • Gear £18.15
    • Main Shaft £50.89
    • Rigid sleeve £45.00
    • Link rod £11.39
    • Support £15.11
    • Support £16.70
    • Clutch £83.49
    • Damper £92.46
    • Kit main shaft ££118.91
    • Sealing gasket o/s £13.19
    • Sealing gasket £7.26

    So £482.07 plus labour costs

    I now have this receipt that can be given to the buyer of the van, imagine the hassle trying to prove it had been done without this or similar documentation. So if you have had it done and did not get any paperwork, it may be worth a trip to get some. They will still have invoice on system so do let let them say "sorry we have nothing to be able to give to you":thumb:

    Has anyone had similar or differing paperwork?

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