Do you ever end up on Plan M? (1 Viewer)

Oct 7, 2013
South Wales
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Swift Escape Compact
Since 1988
We were due to travel to France in June but had to postpone for “family matters”. Rescheduled for August.

August was postponed due to contracting COVID, rescheduled to September.

September was postponed due to attending “urgent” hospital appointment, (fortunately given all clear), rescheduled to 31st October.

Today, we got bored so decided to bring forward to 28th October, spend a couple of nights on Canterbury P&R, explore Canterbury before crossing on 31st.

Intending to head to the Loire valley, then Alsace, visiting Europe’s oldest and biggest Christmas Market in Strasbourg before heading home at end of November………

……unless we change our minds and move on to plan N…….

……or onwards!
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