Do LiFePo4 batteries need to be matched? (1 Viewer)

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May 16, 2021
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On the subject of longevity of LifePO4 I think mine are rated for 3000 cycles, on that basis they are going to last an awful lot longer then I am!
I think this situation is likely for many (myself included) and why I don't know why there is so much obsession in avoiding discharging too far and not charging fully in order to maximize the service life.
Who cares if the battery will outlive your need for it by 15 years instead of 5 :rolleyes:
I use my batteries as I need to. Yes, I monitor their SOC but I sure don't start turning things off and sit in the dark if they go below 20%! (FWIW, they are currently at 10.4% :) )

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