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Discussion in 'Motorhome House-Sitting' started by AlisonEM, Apr 22, 2018.

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    Apr 7, 2018
    Mostly Sussex and Hampshire
    Hi All,

    I'm pretty new here but spend most of my time between Petersfield, Hampshire and Brighton and anywhere in between as the fancy takes me...

    If dates fit, I'm happy to travel for longer stops... I've just driven up to Scotland so within reason, most places are possible although I don't like to be away from my family for too long... and I have to consider travel costs.

    I'm approaching the completion of my sixtieth trip around the sun and over the years, have had several cats, one dog, 4+ turtles, several rescued rabbits, even a rescued baby magpie came to stay for a few days, until he'd recovered enough from concussion to take off again. I've been a home-owner and have 3 grown up children... so have worked my way through all the usual household and family responsibilities.

    I'm up for house-sitting in return for parking up on your driveway and using your electricity, water and facilities for cleaning out my waste; all the usual facilities and servicing. (Please don't contact me if I can't park off-road; I have a 4-berth so it's not huge! And I'm good at reversing into tight places! (y))

    I would rather sleep in Emma, my MH but in special circumstances, e.g. a particular nervous pet on a firework night, I could sleep in the house...

    At the moment, I don't have my own Internet arrangement but this is next on my list of things to do... so until I do, it would be good if I could use yours, please.

    I'm happy to walk a dog (possibly two but no more than 2, please).

    Duties beyond pet-sitting and keeping the houseplants ticking over might be possible but I would probably be looking for a contribution towards my travel costs if it's anything beyond.

    If you (or non-MHers you know) are interested, please PM me so we can talk further.

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