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    We are off to Disneyland in a few weeks if anybody has been recently can you tell me, if you have to pay daily to park or can you just turn up on the first day and leave it for as long as you are there. Also how much is it to park now cos I haven`t been for a while :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
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    €30 a day is the current price.. Free if you have an annual pass.
    Been some posts on Facebook with recent visitors..
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    We were there last week.

    You pay 30 Euros per day or part thereof (not per night), and the first payment is made at the booth as you drive into the park. You put the ticket in the windscreen and proceed to the MH parking area.

    If you need to pay for subsequent days you're supposed to go down to the bottom end of the MH parking area where there's a pavilion for coach drivers. On the far side of the pavilion are numbered payment booths for coach parties, and No 8 deals specifically with MH parking. They're open between 9am and 3pm and you have to take your old ticket to get a new one. If for any reason Booth 8 is shut you're supposed to go to the Dog pound which is on the right opposite the loos at the far end of the car parking area, about halfway along the travellator. Trouble is that's further away than the pavilion and you have to walk back with your ticket to put it in your MH window.

    We were there across three days. On day 1 we arrived pm and paid at the entry booth. On day 2 I paid at the pavilion at 9am. On the morning of day 3 I dutifully went down to the pavilion only to be told that booth 8 was shut for the day and I should go to the dog pound to pay. I thought bollocks to all that walking and we went into the park. When we returned around 4pm Mickey and Goofy had left a note under our windscreen wiper saying we needed to pay for the day's parking. We thought bollocks to all that walking (we were knackered by that point) and left without paying. You don't need the ticket to make an exit.

    The thing is that they don't record your registration number on the ticket when they issue it, so how can they know whether we've paid or not? Bloody Mickey Mouse payment system - if they can't be bothered to staff the nearest payment booth then stuff it.

    Some of the rides weren't at their most reliable last week - Ratatouille in the studio park kept packing up, and Thunder Mountain's runaway mine train did an emergency stop halfway through the dark cave full of rubber bats and we had to be escorted off the ride through various secret tunnels until we got back to the entrance. I don't think my singing 'We're following the leader' during the rescue operation amused them very much. Otherwise it was a good trip.
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