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    Feb 27, 2011
    I bought one of the iBoost wifi routers yesterday and it arrived today.

    I am not able to judge its maximum speed yet as I am going from wifi -> wifi -> wifi -> broadband. BUT.... It has more than doubled the speed as I was getting with my dongle hanging out the window so a major improvement. I have gone from 1.5mbs to 4.2mbs.

    The setup was a touch confusing initially until I read the instructions:Doh: It's been a long time since I needed to read the instructions on a piece of computer based technology but they were very clear and easy to follow. I had it up and running in about 5 minutes including the unpacking.

    The default passwords and usernames need to be reset asap as with most gear but especially with this particular setup as the defaults are so weak.

    The default configuration of the router however worked first time with no problems at all.

    I would guess you could get a cheaper setup than this but the quality is good and worth the extra. I will be investigating it more once my ethernet cables arrive. This should improve the speed marginally as I am cutting out one of the wifi segments. After I get back tomorrow I will be able to route the cable and then cut out another wifi link so I will be computer -> wifi -> broadband...

    The phone now works great on UMA over wifi.

    I have also ordered a 5db mag mount 3g antenna for my 3G dongle. I will be able to test this out next weekend...

    Adam was very helpful on the phone and so far a 100% recommendation for this kit and the service:thumb:

    I am confident enough with the gear already that I am screwing it to the wall tonight....
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    Saville might have got away with that but I don't fancy your chances.
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