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  1. misscampbell


    Sep 21, 2011
    Some advice please?:Smile:
    We are looking at various makes of Motorhomes, have just been to a big show, took notebook etc and listed favs,

    So far I like Pilote, (my fav) :winky: Hymer, Eriba, Burnster, Bessacar,Rapido.
    have been told to steer clear of UK models ?

    The layout that suits best (home for 2 of us) is twin beds plus extra, island bed, we want a lounge area and nice and bright.

    Will be using MH mainly abroad also UK

    Would be grateful for any advice, fast becoming overwhelmed:cry:

  2. wander


    Jul 29, 2011
    Calpe, Alicante, Spain
    I've no experience of the models you mention but they are all well known names.

    They say it will always take two or three MH's before you find the one that really suits you. You could always hire one first for a trial but that's not usually cheap. Until you experience different layouts and actually use them you won't really know what suits you best, so my advice is just go for the one that takes your fancy and enjoy the experience.

    Motorhoming and the open road is great! :thumb:
  3. DESCO


    Mar 11, 2009
    Welcome to MH Fun

    You have started the most difficult part of motorhoming, finding the one for you. Have done this every time we change and it never gets easier.

    The only person who knows is you, I have always found that when I enter my choice I seem to know, and so far have not made a duff choice.

    The only thing to do is list what you want then restrict your looking to models that are near to it, you will never find a perfect choice it's that nasty word compromise.

    Best of luck
  4. dylan


    Aug 31, 2007
    sw wales
  5. SPUD'N'T


    Aug 25, 2008
    "the one"

    it took us 3 goes before we finally got THE ONE , wish we had hired first instead of jumping in feet first we might have saved ourselves a small fortune, good luck anyway and i'm sure you'll enjoy the lifestyle when you do get your m/h.:welcomefunster:
  6. ShiftZZ

    ShiftZZ Funster Life Member

    Feb 19, 2008
    We started off with all good intentions and bought a rather olf 1800cc petrol automatic Autosleeper on a Reliant base. Underpowered, too small and very expensive to run, no bathroom and no place to swing a cat.

    Van number II Autosleeper Pescara, nice van, appeared to be huge when we 1st got it... 2.5L diesel, twin bench, typical autosleeper, good van, no issues, small enough to wild camp, sat tv, solar panel.

    We then realised that we were getting older and wanted to camp in some form of comfort, we looked at A class, nice vans, Hymer, Pilote, Rapido etc. and even thought I had set my heart on a Hymer 584, we walked away. Reason, it did not solve the age old issue of sleeping arrangements and toilets (middle of the night). We looked at others and were dissapointed in what we saw and the silly prices some dealers were asking.

    Eventually we have decided on a Rapido 786F, low line, French bed, it appears to tick all the boxes.

    Which ever motorhome you buy will be a comprimise and there is no such thing as the perfect van. The secret is to have a list of what you would like and see how close you can get to it. Then test drive it and see if you like it...

    British vans, well, I have been happy with the Autosleeper build, they did a good job on the all wood ones, the down side is the lack of innovation. Waste fo valuable space etc.

    Just enjoy.

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  7. JayDee

    JayDee Funster

    Oct 7, 2007
    N. Devon
    :Smile: Welcome to the best motorhoming forum on the planet.

    Choosing your IDEAL motorhome is
    a). a nightmare, because
    b). impossible to find because nobody has (or even could have) built it.

    It's all compromise and when deciding what the compromises should be is when your heads start spinning.
    He can't possibly do without this.
    She couldn't ever live without that.
    And of course there's not enough room / payload / money / etc. for both.

    Probably the best starting point is to decide what you NEED....
    What do you want in the way of beds for you? Make up nightly / fixed / pull down / singles / double.
    Once you've extablished that, since that takes up about a quarter / third of the living space of many vans it is quite important.
    You can now move on to the next space hungry item - the lounge area. If you have elected for a 'make-up-nightly' bed the lounge area is the same as the sleeping area, so you need to decide if the lounge area is going to include a dinette to one side; whether it is L-shaped; or maybe opposing benches (which this will almost certainly limit the number of seats belts for anybody over a couple). If the lounge area is not also the sleeping area do you want a dinnette with kitchen opposite (very common lay-out) or do you want a settee opposite, in which case the kitchen will be behind (usually) the lounge area, which will increase the overall length of the vehicle. Bathroom - do you want a paltial ballroom of a shower room with seperate toilet and basin? Are you happy to make do with a wet room? (More space issues).

    The more space these aspects take up the longer the van is likely to be. Are you happy with a motorhome with a 7+ feet overhang behind the rear wheels. Remember that the overhang will swing out when you turn. The longer the overhang the greater the amount of swing out (mind that wall / car / bike / pedestrian, etc.). If you don't like the idea of the large overhang this will immediately dictate how much room you can have inside.

    So about now you have decided how long the van will be (approximately) and what maximum overhang you are comfortable with; how much space you will have inside and what the furnishings and fittings will comprise. Anything outside of that can be ignored. These are your essentials. Anything else is dressing.
    You will still be overwhelmed by the choices available that fit your parameters, but at least you are not spending huge amounts of time looking at stuff that will not suit.

    A little hint ----
    I (personally) would not want to drive a motorhome with an overhang of more than about 5 feet (one and a half metres). So I place the finger tips of one hand directly over the centre of the rear wheel then stretch my arms out along the side of the vehicle and see where the rear end comes. If it reaches my wrist the overhang is getting a bit much - so we don't even bother looking inside. Saves a lot of needless looking.

    Having said that it's a nightmare and frustrating and at times overwhelming, it's still really good fun choosing a motorhome. You will, quite often, step into a vehicle and say to yourself "Oooh! I like this." Try and extablish why you like that particular one. It may be the way the layout has been done, or it may be that the windows allow a good view out. Both positive ticks. But if it's only that you like the furnishing fabric, that is not really the best basis for choosing that particular money muncher.

    I hope some of these ramblings have been useful. Not everyone will agree with my views. Some may. In any case good luck and enjoy the experience. :thumb:

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