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i have been lurking about on here for a while, my story in fast summary is:

Devorced 10 yrs ago, have 2 lovely kids now 12 & 14 boy & girl, who stay with me 3nights per week (tuesdays & weekends)

never able to buy house, watched in agony at their fast rising prices. and have had to rent, have hated to rent as cannot live the way i want ie decoration etc.

landlady given me notice a month ago and have another month to go before i have to leave, been on council waiting list for 8 yrs theystill not interested even now.

so here is my options as i see them:

get another rented house part with huge sum to get in and then have the same high rent each week with no securite etc,

or fulltime in motor home until either council help me with falt or house prices come down (which they Are)

my only worry about fulltiming is i work in the day as a domestic appliance repair man from a small van.

if i buy motorhome where do i put it during the day, & would prefer to wild camp most of the time. :Blush:

also worried about the life style change for the kids, ( i think i would love it)

any comments would be appreciated :thumb:


Jan Pendreigh

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Feb 23, 2008
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Sorry to hear of your predicament. Don't know where in the country you are, but have you tried trawling around in your van/car, talking to site owners etc? You'll be required to move off for one night every 28, small problem if you find a friendly local truck stop. We visited friends last week on a site behind a pub which shall remain nameless, and they had motorhomes and work vans there which were more or less permanent. OK, not strictly legal but it happens.


Jul 10, 2008
Planet Zog
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That looks like better advice that most people could have ever have given.....

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