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    At the Big Pitch Guide we have just received this leaflet advertising a retro-fit diesel particulate filter for the 'older' generation of diesel engines. I have no knowledge of this company other than a member of the Big Pitch Guide has forwarded this information which I think may be of use to some other members. Should any member complain about the content then I will ask Jim to remove it immediately - but as I said - I think it may be good information for some Fun members.


    Is your motorhome LEZ compliant?

    With effect from 03/01/2012 "Transport for London" are imposing new regulations for vehlcles entering London's "Low Emissions Zone". Diesel Powered Vehicles will have to meet "Euro IV" emission standards or pay a daily charge of £100 per day if the vehicle's gross weight is between 2500kg and 3500kg, or £200 per day if over 3500kg.

    These new regulations will apply to diesel powered Motorhomes over 2500kg gross weight, built prior to 2006. Petrol or gas fuelled vehicles and vehicle's constructed before 1st January 1973 are exempt.

    We at Tomsett Kent have been assisting Clean Diesel Technologies to develop retrospectively fitted a DPFilter that enables these vehicles to meet "Euro IV" emission's standards. We can supply, fit and certify this product and arrange for It to be registered compliant with ''Transport for London". These "Euro IV" standards already apply to a lot of European countries Including Germany, Netherlands and Scandinavia. Other British cities Including Birmingham, Manchester and Edinburgh are also considering implementing Low Emission Zones. Once fitted testing of DPF's will be an annual requirement for "Transport for London", this can be carried by authorized test centers at the same time as the vehicles MOT test. Most of the other cities requiring "Euro IV" emission levels are likely to accept Transport for London test certlfioate as proof of compliance.

    Who will be affected?

    Motorhome owners with motorhomes over 2.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight will need to check If they need to take action. Check if your motorhome is compliant at the Transport For London website using your vehicle registration number at http://www.tfl.gov.uk/roadusers/lez/

    The main groups of motorhome owners who will be affected are:

    Those who live In London and store them in London .
    People who take their motorhomes to exhibitions shows for accomodatlon e.g. Earls court
    Tourists and those who wish to visit the main campsites in London.

    How much will it cost?

    The product kit will cost around £1300 + VATand the labour approximately £300 plus VAT.
    Price based on a FIAT Ducato/Peuaeot boxer base vehicle but there are other developments being worked on for other engines.

    For More Information about the low Emmlsslon Zone and your motorhome call us on 01795841007 (ask for Dave) or drop us an email to: lez@tomsettkent.com
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    Partiulate filter

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    Following from your post I asked for details on my 1998 fiat Ducato 2.5D(non turbo). reply below. Looks very interesting

    Re: LEZ - Particulate filter.

    Thursday, 23 June, 2011 7:06

    "Dave Tomsett" <dave@tomsettkent.com>
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    Hi Michael

    We have had a prototype filter fitted to our customers 2.8TD fiat ducatto based motorhome for several months now. The vehicle is running fine and our customer is not experiencing any problems or changes in performance. The system will be available for the majority of engine sizes including your 2.5D. Subject to TFL's acceptance the filter should be in production by July.

    The filter is a dry system so there are no costly additives needed to help it operate. The system should regenerate and clean itself regularly, there is a small flow gauge fitted to the vehicles dash which confirms the state of the filter. In most driving conditions the filter will look after itself, but if the gauge does show that the filter is beginning to block then it would be necessary to carry out a regeneration drive cycle, (driving for a short time in a lower gear than you would normally use for a set distance). This is the same for most modern diesel vehicles which have factory fitted DPF's as standard. At this stage we do not see it necessary to have a yearly service ( clean the DPF), but depending on the vehicles use and drive conditions, some vehicles may require a periodic service. I will investigate the cost of this and we will include it in our information on our web site, (tomsettkent.com).

    The DPF will need to be certified which we will carry out at time of fitting. It will also need to be recertified annually and we are hoping to carry this out at the same time as the vehicles yearly MOT, but at present it would have to go to a VOSA HGV test station at a yearly cost of £32.00.

    The predicted cost for your type of engine is £1300.00 for the DPF kit. £300.00 Labour. VAT @ 20% £320.00. Total £1920.00.

    I hope that this information is helpful.


    Dave Tomsett MIMI
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    if you have a DPF fitted to your car or mh and it becomes blocked dont be fooled that it needs a new one as they can be cleaned out.
    also if you have to have a new CAT put on your car or mh ask for the old one back as they are worth upto £135 scrap or at least ask the garage for some money off the new one.

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    Hi Mike

    That is exactly the reply I received from Tomsetts on 20th June. (Cut and paste springs to mind)

    Maybe we should ask about a collective Fun discount :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:


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