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Discussion in 'Dethleffs' started by weejohnw, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. weejohnw


    Aug 3, 2008
    Hi after a search around several dealers we set our criteria as an A class a van with twin fixed beds and a low entrance step. Went firstly to Thompsons of Dromore where a friendly chap took a lot of time to show me round a lot of vans, took my details, but didn't follow my interest up. Although friendly, I was put off by the speeeeeel about only servicing and getting parts for vans sold by them.
    Anyway - pointed towards Donagheys in letterkenny in the Irish Republic. Here the salesman, Willy, treated me as a serious customer from the very moment I walked through the gate. I was steered towards a Hymer van that was very very nice indeed, but was too high to step into and the cab door was on the drivers side, not much use to get the navigator out to assist reversing etc.
    A Dethleffs was sitting close to the Hymer and it was love at first sight! Easy to get into, great storage and two fantastic single beds at the back, along with a pull down over the cab.
    At 7 metres it's long enough without being too long and the rear overhang isn't too bad. Build quality is quite good, although I did expect better. However it just didn't seem to have as many cheapish feeling fittings and trim as the Hymer. I'm fussy on the details.
    The Fiat low chassis is stable and the 130 bhp donkey very capeable indeed. Have not yet experienced the judder as so widely reported.
    In the 3 thousand miles covered locally so far the mileage returns are average close to 34mpg. I would expect this to increase in the warmer months, if we get any in the UK.
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I think it is a good looking motorhome.
    Changing some bulbs to LEDS to go easy on the battery.
    Only downside experienced so far is just how close to the ground the nose is and also the rear valance.
    Insulation appears to be effective as van is easily heated. Love the sliding fly screen on the door, plenty of cupboards and an internal fresh water tank of around twenty gallons.
    Hoping to get some continental touring accomplished this year to try out this stylish van.:RollEyes:
  2. johnti


    Oct 19, 2011
    :Sad: Hi great to hear about the Dethleffs, just bought one from my friend in Germany, 2012 with next to no mileage, sadly i have to sell it but will definitely buy one soon, somebody will be getting a great cheap Christmas present, good luck


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