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    Nov 18, 2009
    SEANOO posted a tip in the tip section. He was suggesting an app suitable for ipad and android. At the time of my writing this post only 9 people had replied to the post.

    So, to give it a bigger audience the app that he was recommending is called Word Lens. You just have to look it up in the playstore.

    Now, here's what it does. You go to any place where you see a foreign language - you point your smart phone camera at the words you don't understand... and, get this, the picture on your camera screen changes to foreign words before your very eyes.

    To try this out I went into the next room where my wife was sitting reading a book. I pointed the camera at her book title and she was amazed to see it appear to be a French book.

    This is the closest thing to magic I have ever seen. AND, before you ask, it works off line. I found this hard to believe possible so I disconnected my wifi, turned off mobile data and it still worked.

    Now you tell me, take a look, is this fantastic or what? All credit to SEANOO - I'm just the messenger.
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