Demountable campers and spare wheels

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  1. saDgit


    Mar 12, 2010
    Hi everyone,
    The spare wheel on my Ford Ranger, like most pickups, is held under the rear of the pickup bed and, when I've got the camper mounted (a Leisure Camper EC8L) is a pain in the neck to get at. I had to make a modified winding arm so that I can lower the spare even with the camper in place but on some pickups, where access to the winding mechanism is through a hole in the pickup bed, I imagine that would have been impossible.

    I've been looking at alternatives like fixing the spare to the bonnet or to an 'A'-bar, both of which would have the added advantage of moving the weight of the spare forwards. The bonnet idea looks like a non-starter - it would obviously mean getting some sort of structure fabricated to carry and distribute the weight of the wheel but I'm not convinced that any part of the Ranger bonnet is strong enough to carry that. I've also noticed that the LandRover bonnet mounting kit includes strengthened hinges and bonnet stay and so I'd probably need to think about doing that as well. Finally, of course, there's the question of whether, or not, I could see over it - always helpful when I'm driving I find!

    So I'm left with the 'A'-bar idea. I understand these are the subject of impending EU legislation and may become difficult to obtain but, for the time being anyway, they are still available and would seem to offer a comparatively simple, bolt-on frame to which the spare could be attached. I have some misgivings about whether carrying a wheel mounted in front of the radiator is likely to cause problems of overheating though and would be interested to hear forum readers' ideas about that. I'd also like to know from anybody who has fitted an 'A'-bar whether they feel the construction and fitting of the bar are sufficiently strong to cope with stresses and vibrations of carrying a wheel.

    Incidentally, before anybody suggests that I should leave the spare at home and carry a can of Tyreweld, I have thought about it but rejected the idea.

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