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  1. defitz


    Feb 25, 2010
    :ROFLMAO:yayayaya: wots I am to be found a lot about Belgium -either near coast, (disemuide) or Antwerp-great city superb wild camping on the river quaty (old port) lots wild c ampers there from everywhere. I know(and use a few other spots too- Belgians are very tolerant and so are Northern French (take a bow, Leo). Alternately, I'm likely found in the Calais area- most likely Gravelines -as nice, telerant and a good AS ANYWHERE i KNOW IN EUROPE AND VERY HANDY FOR DUNKERK:the old city and port-- not the new port of Dunkerk where Norfolk Line comes in.
    Any forays in to Netherlands mostly entail camp sites (Dutch generally very intolerant wilding 'cept some places in North where I am told of aires!!!!!!
    Of course I may be somewhere else - EU is a big oyster and I have hankering or austria and CZ (save Balkans and Med coast France for nexty winter but e mails asking will find where me be ( I have boat in Burgundy but not sure will use it this year as want renew visist favourite spots everywhere before its is too late. Thing is- if you in that area I mentioned check if i'm therabouts; always will share times and/or knowedge of places etc.
    And yes- I've been alone more decade and a half and like to stay that way but happy share a trip or two with one-more than one in own vans! e mail is Intnl fon +44(o)751745540. static fon BT until on the move 02890778088 So anyone wanting company, info locally, whatever I's always up and ready meet ,greet and whatever my 73 yrs with 40 trawling Europe . are worth. :thumb:
  2. bazfergy


    Apr 20, 2009
    dumfries scotland
    Hi defitzi if im over yopur way in the summer i will certainly look you up to glean some of the knowledge of europe from you:thumb:

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