dashboard light fault - Ducato 2007-14


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Jan 13, 2014
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Hi top
I have a 1 year old van and my friends slightly older - but both had the same problem...
Have you ever noticed a faint red glow on the dashboard near the airbag warning lamp especially in the dark. when switched off or using cruise control you can see a red glow. its a known fiat fault -but guess what ..... no recall. speak to your garage if its on and they will replace the whole dash.
No idea why no recall though !!!!

Also once had the odometer flashing and no MP3 connection working - turned out to be the Blue & me box behind the central box - fiat replaced it. Had an alarm fitted a few months later and it happened again. This time though I was sat there explaining to the alarm fitters while the iginiton was on - no engine running and literally after 5 mins without anyone touching anything it righted itself - almost as if was running a recode ..... many have happened because something was connected into the can-bus and it needed to run its diagnostics .... never done it since.

BTW great show at Lincoln - couldn't quite squeeze in the marquee - but it looked as though you were all having a fabulous time and the singing was spot on !
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