Darren & Jennie from Australia visiting UK

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Black Betty, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. Black Betty

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    Hi, We have ourselves our pride and joy, Mercedes bus made into a shop and motorhome here in Australia. Ironically she is black and called Black Betty hence our name.
    We actually are visiting the UK for 2 months and wondering about motorhome hire. A friend of ours just hired a members motorhome here in Australia and we are looking to do the same only in the UK. Look forward to chatting to a few members soon to receive some advice.:BigGrin:
    Darren & Jennie in Australia
  2. American Dream

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    Aug 20, 2007
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  3. Black Betty

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    Thank you Dream I will go through and check out. Seems UK rental prices are nearly triple what the Australian Motorhome rentals are.
  4. kijana

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    Hi Darren & Jennie

    Wow, those prices are really harsh, aren't they? As you say, we hired in Australia a couple of years ago for a lot less than that (even if it was only a Toyota HiAce).

    Unfortunately, 2 months is probably too short to buy & re-sell. The only thing I can think of to keep the cost down is to look at hiring an unmodified panel van (Ford Transit maybe?) and to buy a tent, camping gas cooker, etc.

    Depends what time of year you're coming over, but surely a whole lot cheaper!!

    Good luck.


    p.s. What part of Aus are you from? Have you done much travelling in Betty?
  5. dylan

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    sw wales
    Black betty:welcome: and I love your gear on your web site:thumb:
  6. Black Betty

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    Thanks Dylan, Our gear is why we are coming over. A lot of outlets want to sell it but we also need a holiday.

    We travel in Black Betty nearly every weekend for work. Just returned from 3 weeks in Mildura, Adelaide, Mount Gambier then a weekend in the Gold Coast, now Tamworth and back to South Australia for Easter. Is a very hectic life for us and Black Betty always on the move.

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