Damp readings in Motorhome

Discussion in 'Tech/Mech General' started by Bolero680FB, Mar 31, 2015.

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    A recent Habitation check reveiled areas with slight damp problems within the motorhome. Before getting the them repaired, would an ordinary electric household dehumifier help with the drying out/
    reducing the moisture levels, and if so could anyone recommend a not too expensive brand of moisture meter to check the results and of any rectification work
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    A few of us have bought meters like This One which seem to work OK. You can get ones with prongs from the likes of Machine Mart which are cheaper but leave holes you might not want in exposed places.

    Dehumidifiers are often discussed in winter months but many posters point out that vents mean that air they dry out is replaced by damp air from outside.

    We've had two problems with damp in our van. One was a serious problem in a small area which needed surgery so was a little bit dear to fix. The other, though, was slight damp as a result of sealant drying out and cracking. Having the sealant replaced was cheaper than a dehumidifier and the damp dried out with no further action over the following months.
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    what readings have you got, it is not unusual for damp readings to increase over winter, due to natural cold and damp conditions

    in our early days of caravanning I was mortified to see damp levels of 15% on a standard test, then found out this was pretty much typical background levels

    damp is serious though, I am not making light of it, but would agree with GJH about the ineffectiveness of dehumidifiers, but it cant do any harm to try if you have a problem

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