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    OK I will start the write up here and then blatantly promote my Blog so I only need to load all the photos etc to one place.

    We are cyclists amongst other interests and we have a Tandem, as we now have more time on our hands we thought that we would like to go to the international Tandem rally again this year and it was being organised in the Czech Republic at the end of August.
    So here we are about 10 miles from Prague after a week cycling in Southern Bohemia based around Frymburk on Lake Lipno, and I have to say a most idyllic setting the only down side being the hills and off road sections which are not good for a Tandem and our lack of fitness.

    A few taster photos and then read the rest on my blog (link above) if you wish, if I can answer any questions here of course I will.

    image.jpg image.jpg
    First two are St Stephen's Cathedral in Passau image.jpg
    This is the meeting of the waters from the castle walls, you can see the three different waters the Danube the Inn and the Ilz.


    This is our spot for the rally.


    This is the view from our door on the first evening.


    This is the ferry taking us to start the first ride at the other side of the lake.

    The rest of the Photos are going into the blog so if you want to see anymore you know what to do. It's not finished yet and if I don't get WiFi on our next site be patient.
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