Czech "Premid" boxes

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    Dec 11, 2013
    Although we have never used the much maligned GoBox in Austria I imagine that the Czech version is pretty similar.

    We got the pre pay box at a service station before we hit the motorways, you have to show your log book and driving license and they asked the emission class but didn't look or ask for proof if you have some it would be worth carrying it with you. You pay a 1550 Kc deposit and the minimum pre pay is 500 Kc, there are about 36 Kc to the £. Using the box is far simpler than the French system as all you do is drive under a motorway gantry and every now and again and it goes "beep" thank you.
    We worked the cost out at about £10 for 100 miles and the roads are pretty good, you can avoid the tolls but I certainly wanted to use them getting out of Prague as neither of us fancied getting stuck under a bridge in the city centre.

    Cashing in the box is pretty simple as well, when you get the box you can get a map of the toll roads and co-ordinates of all the DP (distribution points) so just pick the one you want to cash it in at, you don't need to be able to speak the language as they have a book with the relevant phrases in and you just point to, yes I want to return the box, they point to can we see your log book again, and then ask how did you pay. When you take one out it is best to use a credit card and then the money will go back onto the card otherwise you will have £50 cash to spend before you leave the country as they will only refund the same way as you paid the deposite so card for card or cash for cash.

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    Good information , thank you . I think 10p a mile sounds dear though ? , diesel was only working out at 12p a mile for us in France !

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