Cycone Primus V.2 Media Centre

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    We came across this whilst in Morocco from some fellow travellers. It's fundamentally a software storage box with some clever software programs already installed and you simply download all your media onto the box. Films, TV series, photographs , music etc and then play these through a TV.
    If like us you enjoy watching films etc on those dark nights and do not want to use a lot of battery power this may be what your looking for.
    The software in the box accepts multiple formats and them plays them through your T.V. and the above centre has a whopping 2 TB storage capacity.
    The thing I like about it the most is it only takes 12V and 1.5 Amp to operate which is great for motor homes.
    Here's a link below if you want more information.
    N.B. It does not come with a 12V cigar adapter, just a mains adapter but you can get one from E-Bay or elsewhere.
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