Curtain disaster!

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    Sep 21, 2010
    Hi! Took B the S out for our first fun day today, and had an absolutely wonderful day! Southport in the (hot) sun, fish and chips, walk on the beach, sunburn and sea air - and especially coming back to a cup of freshly brewed coffee and a comfortable loo! Now that B the S has managed a couple of hundred miles without coughing or suffering an embolism we'll venture further!

    One thing that's mystifying me, and I know one of you can enlighten me ... the 'window coverings' in B the S. He has two wide side windows, one on each side, and a small, square window behind the cooking bit, then one tiny window on the nearside in the over-cab bed area. The two large windows have aluminium venetian blinds, which are seriously annoying, and at some point someone's screwed on a couple of brass-coloured curtain rails and hung some badly-made, really thick and dark and yukky curtains from them. The rail's mounted on a piece of mdf or ply, the length of the window and about 4" deep, and which was obviously put there to hide the mountings for not only the venetian blind but - as we discovered today - a very tiny top-fixed curtain rail in front of the blind. The curtains have got to go; they hang too far out in the van and look really horrid, but I have no idea what would have hung from the little curtain rail hidden behind them. Net curtains? I'm also drawing a blank trying to find out what rail it is - can't find anything similar on the web. It would be easier to replace it entirely (most of the hooks are missing), so which skinny curtain rail would you advise? The ones in there are about 12mm wide, and a sort of upside-down T shape, with the hooks, or rings, or whatever (the bits that hold the hooks) clipping over the inverted cross section of the T. No idea who made it - could be Italian ... ?

    Here's a photo of Brian in Southport! Truly not the latest model, but he's brilliant! And you can see the horrid curtains!

    ps: you can see Brian's bum hanging over the parking space lines - what are the rules about parking him on roads, or in car parks; what if his width strays over the edge of the lined space? Or is that, by definition, a no-no?

    This is a steep learning curve!

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  2. tofo

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    Oct 1, 2007
    Kirby cross further from londin
    you could try this stuff worked well in my self build for the cab curtains

    type in the search curtain track
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    Mar 26, 2009
    Yr Wyddgrug
    Sorry can't help with the curtain or rail but great to hear you're enjoying BTS.

    Hope you have lots of enjoyable adventures in the future.


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