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Oct 30, 2007
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Any mechanics out there that might be able to assist?????

It looks as though the lift pump on my Dodge has failed when hot, but appears to work OK when cold. Does anybody recognise these symptons??

We initally thought and dreaded that it was the distributor pump, but after the truck was recovered and left standing for about three hours, it now starts and runs fine.
I feel that if it was the distributor pump it would continue to run awful. So is it possible to fit something like a Range Rover electric pump and isolate the electric block mounted pump on this engine - 5.9 Cummins

What I am most afraid of is starving the distributor pump of fuel so cutting off it's lubrication. I intend to get a proper aftermarket pump from the States, but as a temporary fix would the Range Rover or any other pump work - anybody have any experience of this situation. We daren't head off to Peterborough with the trailer on with the vehicle in it's present condition.



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Nov 5, 2007
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Fuel pumps

A good few years ago we had a number of ford transits with the 'york diesel engines' which had symptoms simular to what you described. We fitted electric pumps to them and had no more trouble. The york had a self bleed system and the new pumps coped with no problems at all. Make sure the pump you fit is compaterble with the fuel you use
pudseykeith. :thumb:

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