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Jun 22, 2012
Sherborne Dorset
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as some of you know our IH motorhome has been a bit of a saga, I ranted on Wednesday and for the first time in nearly 8 weeks actually named Nickwhale, well this time they have provided excellent service. Ih had failed to fit witter tow bar properly , no electrics, I spoke to Paul at Nickwhale well after 6 on Wednesday, Louise called me before 10 yesterday and arranged for a repair. IH had failed to connect the earth, there was something else to do with relays and circuits stuff that made no sense to me but it was sorted by lunchtime. I have gone back over our saga and most of it has been the fault of poor workmanship on thepart of IH , admittedly comunication from Nickwhale had been frustratingly slow until I copied IH into my emails. I would be interested to hear wheher other dealers are having poorly built vans. Just crossed my mind that if there are a lot of poorly built IHs coming out of the factory then the dealers may be overwhelmed with disgruntled customers. Perhaps I am just trying to be nice as we are off to Devon in a moment!

micky drip

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Jul 4, 2012
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What a pity this whole saga has soured your experience, Carron and I remember how excited you were at Malvern when you showed us what you had ordered. We were so excited too! I am a cynical guy at the best of times and have an in built mistrust of salesmen, I urge any of you funsters about to order what is the second most expensive purchase of your life, to withhold say 10% until you are completely happy. If they won`t agree then walk away.

Swift Olive

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May 6, 2015
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You seem to have had a bit of bad luck Carolyn - we picked our 630RL IH Van up 7 weeks ago & couldn't be happier - quality is fantastic & everything works perfectly - we've already been away in it 4 times !
We also had a towbar fitted & no problems with it at all.
Hope the issues are behind you now & you enjoy your Van !

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