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Jan 31, 2016
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Hymer B544 (2012)
I wrote to the Highland Council about the toilet situation and one particular toilet. this is my email with their response, as you can see I got no where, how long they are going to take with their 'Review' is any ones guess as they were doing this last year, and they couldn't even get my name right...

Dear Mr Burnett, thank you for your message.

The building at Corrishalloch has been closed since 1 November 2009. There are no plans for this site to be re-opened and I expect the condition of the building is very run down and possibly too expensive to reinstate as a functioning site.

For information a map of the 75 Council operated Public Conveniences and 36 comfort schemes currently available is available at this link:

The sponsorship of public conveniences is something we have discussed before and will consider as part of a new review of public conveniences. Other options we consider include transferring assets to community bodies to improve and run, as they can attract grant funding not available to the Council, or to lease buildings to community groups under a license to occupy. We have strong track record on these approaches.

Thank you for your suggestion.

Yours sincerely

Marianne Grech

Customer Services Officer

From: Community Services - Headquarters <>
Sent: 14 September 2020 12:49
To: Carron McDiarmid <>
Subject: suggestion received pc

My suggestion is about getting public toilets paid for. As the council have sponsors for roundabouts, why not try to get companies to sponsor toilets, as a motorhome owner, I understand the problem facing owners who want to travel around the Highlands. If toilets were sponsored, then facilities such as the one on the A835 towards Ullapool near the Corrieshalloch Gorge could be brought back into use. I pass by this facility quite often and often stop to collect a bag or two of rubbish, but it is a real disgrace with waste left in the doorways, the drainage ditch and above on the grass area often littered with human waste. This shows that the facility is needed. I am sure there must be others that are in need of funding.

Mr Andrew Bartlett


Jun 27, 2013
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Nice try, id be inclined to point out they couldn't get your name right, ask them if that really was "your" reply. :rofl:
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