Control Panel in German Motorhomes

Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by JayDee, Apr 1, 2010.

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    Our Dethleffs has a control panel above the door that displays (with multi-position switches) FW tank level, Waste water tank level, Vehicle battery state, Leisure battery state, time, temperature (in and out) charge state meter for leisure battery, 12v on/off switch, 240 v indicator light and battery alarm. Recently the meter that should display the first four functions failed to show any reading, though the meter did illuminate.
    A couple of calls to dealers resulted in a couple of offers to replace the panel (i.e. the WHOLE panel) at a cost of about £350 plus shipping charges plus fitting charges, plus getting the MH there (not much change from £500 - though in reality I would have been able to fit it myself).
    The panel is, like a lot of continental vans, made by Schaude, so I googled them and sent an e-mail asking if they could help.
    The upshot was that I sent the panel to them (cost <£10) and they repaired it and sent it back by UPS (C.O.D. <€90). Fitted yesterday evening and it's all working fine.

    So if you have problems and think that a complete panel replacement is an unreasonable route try what I did. You may well be delighted.

    Unfortunately, despite them being advised not to return the panel before 1st. April (nobody home), it was sat on our kitchen table when we returned home, so we now have to figure out how to pay for it - but that's a different story :Doh:.

    Hope this is of use to somebody.

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  2. hilldweller

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    Top firm. They do the same service for the electroblock charger/control. £800 quoted here for new, they repair for £150 sort of thing.

    I asked for a circuit diagram of our electroblock and got one within minutes.
  3. dazzer


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    In my house
    Just another example of our throw away society.

    How many times do you hear "The washing machine/dishwasher/TV/microwave/PC/laptop is knackered im off to buy a new one"??

    Our TV that we have had for 15 years packed up a few weeks ago, yes its a bloody big CRT thing that takes over half the room but its got one of the best pictures ive ever seen. Got a bloke out to fettle it, cost £28.50 for a part inc fitting and its as good as new again :thumb:

    Wifee was all for going to buy a new one but its in the bedroom, gets turned on for a couple of hours a week and I didnt see the point in replacing it :thumb:

    In this age of recycle and re-use you would think more people would just get busted stuff fixed :Doh:
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    Do you have the full circuit diagram with component values. i.e. resistors etc?

    As my charger has packed up in my EBL 269-2 and I can see a burned up resistor but without seeing a good one cant work out the value.

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