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    I am planning to drive to Bulgaria starting 21st July driving through France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania, and then to st vlas Bulgaria I have ten days to get there and am planning on staying 3 weeks before we travel back allowing a further 10 days to get back, i have never travelled this far before or for such a long duration my question is do I need to apply for anything like green card or e111 and do I need to book sites in advance, I have travelled to France and Spain before and done lots of wild camping so I am not afraid to try something different,
    Any advise would be appreciated
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    All these countries are in the EU so you should not need a green card, your normal cover should be fine (but do check your policy).

    Do you have a breakdown / recovery service? If not I would suggest you do - lots of people have these thrown in with the motorhome insurance policy.

    E111 is of course now the EHIC health card, and yes if you do not have one you should get one.

    I would suggest a camping carnet which costs about £5 and you can get from the camping and caravanning club. (ACSI probably no good as you are in peak season)

    Enjoy it!

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